Daisy Welcome Image

Elaine and Thomas Gumpp
Taylor Connection

Elaine Swanson
TC to 3 Ledgecroft

Linda Bell and Michael Hardert
77 Taylor Drive, Back Bay

Doris Duff
WS 204

Ann Jordan
WS 303

Shirley Blouin
WS 324

Beverly Morrison
TH 205

Suzanne Irwin
Taylor Connection

Melodie Rogers with Larry Federhen
7 Ledgecroft Place

Hope Edwards
29 Kinsman

Georgette Wixon
Taylor Home 213A

Christine Klosterman
Taylor Connection

Curtis Barstow
47 Taylor Drive, Back Bay

Marguerite Laurencelle
Taylor Home

Helen Chervenak
12 Graystone Place

June Boisvert
Woodside 315

Ruth Krulish
39 Taylor Home Drive

Hans and Janet Janke
19 Taylor Home Drive

Patricia Reeder
6 Graystone

Susan Barlow
25 Taylor Home Drive

Donald and Evelyn Chapman
42 Taylor Home Drive

Martha Crawford
69 Taylor Drive

Harriette Bourdon
Taylor Home 201

Dawn Mooney
25 Taylor Home Drive

John and Carol Ford
Taylor Connection

Adrienne Stevens
Taylor Connection

Donald Whynot
11 Taylor Home Drive

Bill and Jane Beebe
33 Taylor Home Drive

George and Anna Garneau
5 Kinsman

Richard and Diane Groux
4 Greystone Place

Chad and Heidi Squires
Taylor Connection

Virginia Knowlton
17 Kinsman

John and Gloria Rusnak
2 Ledgecroft

Adrienne Johnson
Woodside 304

Sue Nash
Woodside 308

Dick and Nancy Reycroft
221A Taylor Circle, Meeting House Common

Laura Andrus
12 Greystone

Henry and Nancy Bird
3 Cinnamon

Jane Fling
Woodside 302

Jean Corriveau and Carole Plaisted
Woodside 301

Dave and Nancy Bogar
3 Greystone

Jeanne Schracke
Taylor Home Apt. 123

Freda Whittemore
Taylor Home 217