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Taylor Community is committed to keeping our residents, staff and the greater community healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more..

COVID-19 Community Update

Thank you for visiting Taylor Community’s COVID-19 Response page.  Taylor Community is committed to keeping our residents, staff and the greater community healthy.  Taylor’s leadership team and clinical staff have been carefully monitoring COVID-19, regularly communicating with the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), and the State of New Hampshire, and we have been following their guidance and recommendations.  This situation is fluid and Taylor is taking a layered approach in PPE protocols, restrictions and services available as the virus moves into New Hampshire.

Below please find both formal announcements and some of our Daily Newsletters that outline the ongoing changes and services available. While not all of the steps taken are listed below, we hope this will give you a snapshot of our response.  Please continue to check back here for updates.

Michael Flaherty, Taylor Community President/CEO

Taylor Messenger, 9.25, Work Order System

Taylor Messenger, 9.18, It’s for the Kids

Taylor Messenger, 9.15, Fifty & Fabulous

Taylor Messenger, 9.11, We Remember

Taylor Messenger, 9.4, A Pragmatic Approach to Reopening 

Taylor Messenger, 9.1, Keeping Staff out of the Elements

Taylor Messenger, 8.28, Shuffling for the Kids

Taylor Messenger, 8.25, Resident Surveys

Taylor Messenger, 8.21, Activity Abounds

Taylor Messenger, 8.18, Expanded Opportunities Coming

Taylor Messenger, 8.14, Fluid Covid Situation

Taylor Messenger, 8.7, Testing Updates

Taylor Messenger, 7.28, Safer at Home

Daily News, 7.17, News Shifts to Twice Weekly

Daily News, 7.15, More Taylor LHS Graduates

July 13, Community Update, Openings, Precautions & Guidelines

Daily News, 7.13, Update for Residents & Guests

Daily News, 7.10, Why Masks are so Important

Daily News, 7.8, Phase 4 Reopening, July 13

Daily News, 7.6, 100th Birthday Celebration

Daily News, 6.30, We’re All in This Together

Daily News, 6.29, Life is Like Riding a Bicycle

Daily News, 6-26, Steps to Maintaining Fiscal Strength

Daily News, 6-24, Inaugural Outdoor Pavilion Dining

Daily News, 6-18, Celebrating National Nursing Assistants Week

Daily News, 6.16, Taylor’s LHS Graduates

Daily News, 6-15,  IL Father’s Day Visits

Daily News, 6-12, IL Campus Opening Phase 3

Daily News, 6-11, Window Visits

Daily News, 6-9, Saluting Taylor’s 2020 Graduates

June 5 Taylor Community Update with Michael Flaherty

Daily News, 6-4, Outdoor Exercise

Daily News, 6-2, Daily News Celebrates 10 Weeks

Daily News, 5-30, Testing Update

Daily News, 5-29, Soft Campus Opening, Phase 2

Daily News, 5-28, An Amazing Team 

Daily News, 5-20, Returning Community Good Will

Daily News, 5-14, Residents Walk to Support the Cause

Taylor Community’s COVID-19 Response, with CEO Michael Flaherty 

Daily News, 5-12, Saluting Our Front Line Workers

Daily News, 5-11, Mother’s Day Celebration

Daily News, 5-2, Taylor’s Heroes

Daily News, 5-1, Opening Update

Daily News, 4-29, Adjusting to a New Way of Life

Daily News, 4-24, Resident Shopping Services

Celebrating Leading Age in ME and NH

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s Tribute to Health & Long Term Care Facility Workers

Daily News, 4-18, Residents Show Appreciation

Daily News 4-16, Family Deliveries

Daily News 4-11, Front Porch Photos

April 8 COVID-19 Update

Daily News, 4-6, Answers to Your Questions

Daily News, 4-5, Changes on Campus Beginning April 8

Daily News, 4-2, Residents Send Love

Daily News 3-27, Governor’s Stay at Home Order

Daily News 3-22, Keeping Our Community Healthy

March 16, COVID-19 Update