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May & June 2012 Events & Trips

Sign-up for all trips by calling 366-1234. For most trips we will need a minimum of 12 residents to sign up before the trip goes out, so get your friends to sign up with you.  Trips do not go out when it is snowing or a storm is predicted for that day.  Please note that the trips have descriptors – Easy, Moderate, and Independent –indicating the degree of mobility [walking, standing, steps, etc.] required in order to safely participate and enjoy the trip.  If you have signed up for a trip that requires you to “pay in advance,” Mary Beale will send you a notice of the amount due once enough people have signed up to make the trip a “go.”  Please Note: a Non-Resident $7 transportation fee applies to all trips.  For general questions, please call Mary Beale: 366-1226. For more information on all events, call 524-5600.

Friday – June 29 – Sand Sculptures at Hampton Beach with lunch at the Ashworth by the Sea Hotel Restaurant

[Easy].  This has become an annual trip and a favorite of many residents, so sign up early!  The sand sculptures result from “a three-day competition of ten world class masters creating their own unique sculpture. . . Over the course of the event nothing but sand, water, and a bit of their own creativity is used to create astonishing works of art out of shapeless heaps of sand.  When completed they are sprayed with windscreen (a solution of school glue and water) to protect them from the elements and remain standing for viewing for weeks, creating a free museum of masterpieces on the beach.”  The bus will begin picking up residents on the Laconia campus at 9:00 AM and will stop at the docks in Alton Bay at 9:45 AM (approximately).

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