Taylor Community Residents Celebrate 70th Wedding Anniversary

Taylor Community Residents Anne and Jack Levergood celebrated their 70th Wedding Anniversary on May 9, 2012. Congratulations from all of us here at Taylor.  The Laconia Daily Sun did a great front-page article on their secret to a successful marriage…

Printed May 9, 2012: Daily Sun

Blessed with an exceptional memory that has stayed with her through 90 years of life, Anne Levergood remembers with precise detail the first time she met Jack. Their meeting occurred at the First Baptist Church of Elizabeth, N. J. The church was putting on the play “Mary Magdalene,” for which Jack was helping with lighting and she was the lead actress.
“I didn’t think so then, but I was young and pretty,” Anne recalled.
“She was the best-looking one in the crowd,” Jack added. Following a meeting of the crew and cast, he worked up the nerve to approach the 18 year-old beauty. It was good he did, because until that time her eye was drawn to another.

*Update: The Laconia Daily Sun no longer has this article in its online edition archives.

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